Iizuka week 3 – miracles!


Rain and District meeting

April 10:
Hey everyone!  Sorry about the lack of email last week.  I got sick 😷 and slept all day, so I didn’t have time, haha! 😆

Anyway, not too much is going on right now, other than our investigator Takuya san (Mr. Takuya) just passed his baptismal interview!!  So he’s all set to be baptized next Sunday!
It’s been interesting how I don’t feel like I really had to do anything — I transferred in and he was already there with ‘one foot in the font,’ as it were.  It reminded me of a scripture where Paul says, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”
After all,  this is God’s work, not mine.

Well that’s been about it.  We also had district meeting up in Fukuoka with the coolest district ever!

I love you all!
Elder Houseknecht

Greetings and Farewells

March 27:
Hey everyone!!
So this week I said goodbye to Nago, Okinawa, and an awesome three-man
After spending Tuesday night and Wednesday morning packing, I had some
extra time so we hit the streets and knocked on doors for the last
time as a threesome!
I’m going to miss working with Elder Baker and Elder Lords. We had a lot
of fun and saw some cool miracles these past few months!
I got picked up Wednesday night by the senior missionary couple to stay the night at the zone leaders’ apartment. One of the zone leaders was going home, so we had a “huge party,” haha!
The next day I followed my travel plans from the paradise island of Okinawa…

To this big blue dot about an hour from Fukuoka! It’s actually still way cold here. ❄️

image1Anyway, I’m really enjoying getting settled here in Iizuka. We have a lot of people to work with, including one man who’s getting ready to be baptized in April! My new companion, Elder Van Tonder, is way cool too. He’s only been a missionary for six months, but he’s a way hard worker and really loves the people!

And…that’s about it for this week!

I love you all!!

Elder Houseknecht