Iizuka week 3 – miracles!


Rain and District meeting

April 10:
Hey everyone!  Sorry about the lack of email last week.  I got sick 😷 and slept all day, so I didn’t have time, haha! 😆

Anyway, not too much is going on right now, other than our investigator Takuya san (Mr. Takuya) just passed his baptismal interview!!  So he’s all set to be baptized next Sunday!
It’s been interesting how I don’t feel like I really had to do anything — I transferred in and he was already there with ‘one foot in the font,’ as it were.  It reminded me of a scripture where Paul says, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”
After all,  this is God’s work, not mine.

Well that’s been about it.  We also had district meeting up in Fukuoka with the coolest district ever!

I love you all!
Elder Houseknecht

Greetings and Farewells

March 27:
Hey everyone!!
So this week I said goodbye to Nago, Okinawa, and an awesome three-man
After spending Tuesday night and Wednesday morning packing, I had some
extra time so we hit the streets and knocked on doors for the last
time as a threesome!
I’m going to miss working with Elder Baker and Elder Lords. We had a lot
of fun and saw some cool miracles these past few months!
I got picked up Wednesday night by the senior missionary couple to stay the night at the zone leaders’ apartment. One of the zone leaders was going home, so we had a “huge party,” haha!
The next day I followed my travel plans from the paradise island of Okinawa…

To this big blue dot about an hour from Fukuoka! It’s actually still way cold here. ❄️

image1Anyway, I’m really enjoying getting settled here in Iizuka. We have a lot of people to work with, including one man who’s getting ready to be baptized in April! My new companion, Elder Van Tonder, is way cool too. He’s only been a missionary for six months, but he’s a way hard worker and really loves the people!

And…that’s about it for this week!

I love you all!!

Elder Houseknecht

Week 66- I’m alive!!

Hey everyone!!
It’s transfer week this week, and as usual I still haven’t gotten
the call. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving though… We’ll see!

I honestly feel like nothing happened this week. I don’t
really have any pictures either…
Oh, now I remember why–we spent three days out of our area this
week! We went up to Kumamoto to have pday [Preparation day] with the district, then
stayed the night till district meeting on Tuesday. We got back Tuesday
afternoon, but on Thursday morning we went to Kumamoto again to have
exchanges with the zone leaders, and stayed the night until Friday!
So I guess we haven’t done that much in Yatsushiro this week, haha!

Spiritual thought for this week:  “Eternity” doesn’t begin tomorrow or sometime in the future.  It’s already happening, right now.  I’ve been realizing more and more that I just need to focus on RIGHT NOW because that’s what matters!

That’s about it! Next week I might be emailing from a different
area, with a new companion, but until then,
Hope you all have a great week!
Love y’all!

Elder Houseknecht

Week 65 – Not too much time…

Hey y’all~ not too much happened this week, and I don’t have a ton
of time, but anyway–
The one highlight was that we went to see a member run in a marathon! He’s
in his sixties but he’s way fast!

We also got these giant nashi [Japanese or Asian pears]. It was way good!


Spiritual thought for this week:  In a recent General Conference talk, President Uchtdorf compared our lives to stories. If you think about it like that, it makes life so much more exciting! It makes me want to be a cool hero, haha!

That was honestly about it, but next week is gonna be way full!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Love y’all!

Elder Houseknecht

Week 64 – High School

Morning, ladies and gents! How’s it going?

This was an interesting week. We didn’t really get to meet with any
investigators, but we did some other cool stuff!
First off, we’ve been working with a less active member who’s trying
to quit smoking, and he’s doing really great! Since we’ve met him he’s
already cut down by more than half!
We’ll keep working with him and get him back to church too!

Other than that we went to a lot of high school events!
I don’t think I mentioned, but we live right by a high school, and they held an ‘undoukai‘ which is like a sports day for the whole school. We figured it’d be the best place to talk to a lot of people, and it turned out to be pretty effective!
Then we found out that another high school was doing one too, so we went there as well. Both schools did a lot of dancing, and there was some races and relay events… It was pretty cool!

We also went to a cultural festival at the high school right next to us, which was way cool!
All the classes had different exhibits, but this was probably the coolest–two dioramas from Hayao Miyazaki movies (this one’s from Spirited Away).


We also got to talk to a whole bunch of high schoolers, and most of them had pretty good English!

I swear we talked to guys too, haha!

Anyway, we now have a lot of high school friends, and it’s amazing how much we run into them now. It’s like the whole city knows who we are!

Spiritual thought for this week: Every day and every moment we are making choices that draw us nearer to God or make us His enemy… 気をつけないと… [ki wo tsukenai to… we better be careful…]

That was the week! I hope everyone has a good one!!
Love you all!
Elder Houseknecht

42週- お花見とお別れ













Week 42- Hanami and Good-byes

Hey everyone! Hope things are going good and that the weather’s nice!

So this week I had the opportunity to go on junkai (split) with elder Mathews,
and we had a blast!  We went and dendou-ed (did proselyting) way up north (the beginning
of elder Bryans’s and my mountain adventure) and also way down south,
and went out to eat at McDonald’s!

Saturday we had a Hanami (cherry blossom viewing picnic) with the branch, which was way fun!
This is the view from laying down in the picnic blanket.


On Sunday, we met with two of our investigators names Paul and Roel for possibly the last time. I haven’t mentioned them before because we haven’t been able to meet them much, but they’re from the Philippines and way cool!
They’re living on company owned property though, so their boss said they can’t have visitors, plus they work really late so they can’t meet anywhere else…
It was kind of sad, but we’ll figure something out.

Well, that’s it for this week! Next week is general conference, so that’s way exciting!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Houseknecht

The followings are from the email sent to his family:
Last week we biked down a mountain at four miles an hour… There were dead leaves and loose gravel, and I almost went of the side of the road, but…all’s well that ends well!

What do you do regarding the missionary standards when you go to ward activities? Do you get to watch or listen along with everybody?

His reply:
The idea is that if we can make it into effective dendou (missionary work), anything goes! Though, the zone leaders have to approve any movies… Last time they said it was okay as long as we didn’t talk about it or sing any songs from it afterwards.








それと同じ日に英会話教室の一人の生徒さんとミカン狩りに生きました。彼は山のほとんどを覆うほどのとても広いミカン畑をもっています‼ 景色は信じがたいほど素晴らしかった、、、





Week 41

Hey everyone! How’s life?

So this week was pretty slow as far as proselyting and teaching, but we did have some pretty cool and crazy stuff happen here in Sendai!

hiking in rain?
First off, we kind of went hiking:
So on Wednesday we didn’t have any appointments, so we decide to bike about thirty minutes north and dendou (tract) a new spot. Well, it’s raining, so it ends up taking us over an hour to get there.  BUT we found a way cool potential investigator so it was worth it!
Unfortunately, elder Bryans’s tire popped.
So we plot a path back using a map app on the iPad, and it…sort of…
It took us over a mountain. Five kilometers up, three down.
All in all it took us two and a half hours to get home.

It was way fun though! The scenery was pretty sweet.

a pretty cool music night
Also, we had a pretty cool music night at the church. The branch president invited a friend who’s in a band, and some of the members performed too. It was pretty awesome!
We just have to get more investigators to these activities…

Oh yeah, the same day, we went and picked oranges with an eikaiwa (English class) student!  He’s got a huge orange…orchard?  that covers most of a mountain!
The view was incredible…

And…that’s about it I guess.  Kind of a slow week for missionary stuff, but way fun!
And the weather is getting better!

Hope everyone has a great week!
Happy Easter!!!

Love you all,
Elder Houseknecht