Week 62 – Return of the King

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a pretty short week!
It’s also been packed pretty full of cool happenings…

First of all, my bike is back!
It’s honestly really nice to be back on my own bike! It does need some repairs though. After a month and a half in Okinawa, the back brake is dead, and the back tire is completely bald…

On Wednesday we went and played tennis with an Eikaiwa [English class] student and his friend from Australia (who is actually Japanese). It was great!  But I also sunburned like crazy!

Most of the rest of the week was spent preparing for a mini concert that Elder Gass and I held at the church on Saturday. We practiced during our companionship study time, and on Friday got take-out pizza (Dominoes, actually!) for lunch. Buy one, get one free! It was way good…








The concert went really well.  I worked my hands off practicing, and was able to play the piano to accompany Elder Gass’s violin! It was super nerve wracking, but really fun too! And one of the members brought a friend who now wants us to start teaching him… So this week turned out pretty well!
Miracles in Yatsushiro! Woohoo!

Spiritual thought for this week:
In her email to me, my mother said that “our small and simple actions create holiness.  Your loving smile creates holiness, your neat appearance, tidy and clean room, polished shoes, thoughtful and loving words, and etc, etc…  There are many things we can do to add holiness to our lives.”
That’s a wonderful thought! It reminds me of the words on the temple above the door–‘holiness to the Lord’.  We ourselves are temples, as it says in the New Testament, so we need to give holiness to the Lord every day of our lives!  It makes me want to polish my shoes a little brighter and press my slacks a little straighter!

Love you all! I hope this week is fantastic!
Elder Houseknecht



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