Week 60 – Sickness and flats

Hey everyone! So not too much happened this week.
My bike kept getting a flat tire (it literally would go flat twice a
day…) so I finally figured out what the issue was and had to replace
the tube! We also talked to the mission office, and they said I’d get
my regular bike back next transfer, so woohoo!

After that though, Elder Gass was feeling pretty sick, so we couldn’t
dendou [do missionary work] for very long hours. He’s feeling better now though, so this
next week should be a blast! We’ve got tons of cool things planned,
and we’re going to be able to watch the dedication of the Sapporo
Japan temple!!  We’re going to go up to the stake center in Kumamoto to watch the broadcast. The branch bought us white handkerchiefs and everything!

I’m way excited.

That’s about it for this week. I hope everyone has a great week!!!
Love y’all!

Elder Houseknecht

P.S. Tanapon is doing great, though we were only able to meet once this week. His last test is over and summer break has started, so we’ll be able to help him toward baptism!

Spiritual thought:  One of the main points of the Asia North Area’s area plans is to ‘find joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ’.  I’ve found that I have the most joy when I do what I’m supposed to (dendou [do missionary work], and go out and talk to people).  It doesn’t really matter how they react; I just have to open my mouth. I think all we have to do to find joy is to try, and Christ’s grace will take care of the rest!  Christ’s love is what motivates us the most to try!



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