Week 59 – Matsuri! [Festival]

Hey everyone! This week was all fun and games!

Last Monday we went up to Kumamoto and went bowling with the other
missionaries in the district. I guess I never mentioned it, but there
are ten missionaries (four sisters and six elders) in our district.
We had a way fun time and my companion dressed up as a bowling

After that we did serious missionary work for the week, until Saturday. On Saturday there was a big matsuri [festival], so of course we had to go there! (you have to dendou [do missionary work] where the people are after all…) The fun thing though, is that a member set things up so we actually got to participate in the matsuri!
We dressed up in happi [a traditional Japanese coat], and danced for an hour! It was way hot and humid, so we almost died, but it was so much fun!  Also, we were able to meet a less active member and a way cool former investigator there, so it was time well spent.


That’s about it. Our investigators couldn’t make it to church this week, but other than that they’re doing great!

I love you all! Have a great week and don’t get heat stroke!
Elder Houseknecht






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