Week 57 – Working hard

Hey everyone!
This last week was the first full week with my new companion, and
it’s been great! This area hasn’t seen too much success the past few
years, and we’re basically starting from square one, but we’re both
ready to turn this place around!!

Oh, I think I might have forgotten to mention one of the fun things
that happened at transfer time–so usually before transferring you put
an address on your bike, and a company comes to pick it up. Well,
Elder Stanger was way busy packing and forgot to put the address on
his bike, and when the company came the guy…just guessed? Long story
short, I’m riding Elder Stanger’s (very small, about to fall apart)
bike until things get sorted out haha! Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat








This week we basically just knocked on doors and talked to people on the streets all day every day. It was way tiring, but it’s been worth it cause we found a few people that might have interest. Particularly, we met an eighteen year old college student named Kurumi, who took a Book of Mormon and agreed to meet again. We’re meeting her tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes!

This week, we’re just going to keep working hard! We’re also going to start visiting all the members regularly so we can practice teaching and such.
For now, this is elder Houseknecht signing off!
I love you all! Have a great week!!

Pics:  Took this on the top of an abandoned pachinko parlor…image4







Last week’s pday activity. I didn’t buy it though.










Spiritual thought for this week: It’s so true that everything is either negative or positive. When we are positive, good things happen!  I’m trying to be more positive. I want to build my faith by focusing on positive expectations!

Elder Houseknecht



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