Week 53 – Rain, rain, rain!

It’s so wet here in Yatsushiro!!! It’s honestly been raining almost every day! But I shouldn’t complain. It honestly hasn’t been that bad.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy week, but also way cool. We haven’t been able to meet with any investigators, or find any new ones, but our most solid investigator (from before I got here) is finishing up a big college test this week and then he’ll be able to meet with us; so from what I hear we should be able to have a baptism next month!

Here are just a few highlights from all the cool stuff that happened this week:

Monday night we didn’t have anything going on, but we decided to go streeting in the shopping area and met this really cool young man. He said he didn’t have a lot of time, but he had a ton of questions about who we are, what we do, and all that. We shared about Eikaiwa [English class] and a little of the gospel, said farewell…
And then he biked right back and asked if we could take a picture together!








image2On Tuesday we saw some pretty crazy flooding and a bunch of debris as we biked (three hours) up to Kumamoto for district meeting! It’s a long story…




image3It’s basically been raining the whole week, but the one day it didn’t rain we saw this beautiful sunset.
There’s a rainbow in there, but it’s hard to see…

And I think that’s about it! There’s a ton more that I could share, but I don’t have too much time, so until next week!

Love you all! Have a good one,
Elder Houseknecht



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