Week 42- Hanami and Good-byes

Hey everyone! Hope things are going good and that the weather’s nice!

So this week I had the opportunity to go on junkai (split) with elder Mathews,
and we had a blast!  We went and dendou-ed (did proselyting) way up north (the beginning
of elder Bryans’s and my mountain adventure) and also way down south,
and went out to eat at McDonald’s!

Saturday we had a Hanami (cherry blossom viewing picnic) with the branch, which was way fun!
This is the view from laying down in the picnic blanket.


On Sunday, we met with two of our investigators names Paul and Roel for possibly the last time. I haven’t mentioned them before because we haven’t been able to meet them much, but they’re from the Philippines and way cool!
They’re living on company owned property though, so their boss said they can’t have visitors, plus they work really late so they can’t meet anywhere else…
It was kind of sad, but we’ll figure something out.

Well, that’s it for this week! Next week is general conference, so that’s way exciting!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Houseknecht

The followings are from the email sent to his family:
Last week we biked down a mountain at four miles an hour… There were dead leaves and loose gravel, and I almost went of the side of the road, but…all’s well that ends well!

What do you do regarding the missionary standards when you go to ward activities? Do you get to watch or listen along with everybody?

His reply:
The idea is that if we can make it into effective dendou (missionary work), anything goes! Though, the zone leaders have to approve any movies… Last time they said it was okay as long as we didn’t talk about it or sing any songs from it afterwards.




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