Week 41

Hey everyone! How’s life?

So this week was pretty slow as far as proselyting and teaching, but we did have some pretty cool and crazy stuff happen here in Sendai!

hiking in rain?
First off, we kind of went hiking:
So on Wednesday we didn’t have any appointments, so we decide to bike about thirty minutes north and dendou (tract) a new spot. Well, it’s raining, so it ends up taking us over an hour to get there.  BUT we found a way cool potential investigator so it was worth it!
Unfortunately, elder Bryans’s tire popped.
So we plot a path back using a map app on the iPad, and it…sort of…
It took us over a mountain. Five kilometers up, three down.
All in all it took us two and a half hours to get home.

It was way fun though! The scenery was pretty sweet.

a pretty cool music night
Also, we had a pretty cool music night at the church. The branch president invited a friend who’s in a band, and some of the members performed too. It was pretty awesome!
We just have to get more investigators to these activities…

Oh yeah, the same day, we went and picked oranges with an eikaiwa (English class) student!  He’s got a huge orange…orchard?  that covers most of a mountain!
The view was incredible…

And…that’s about it I guess.  Kind of a slow week for missionary stuff, but way fun!
And the weather is getting better!

Hope everyone has a great week!
Happy Easter!!!

Love you all,
Elder Houseknecht



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