Week 38

Well, this will probably be short! I’m on a train to Kagoshima to go see the museum of the Meiji restoration, so I don’t have too much time.

We taught fifteen lessons last week …
This week was good, but a lot slower than last week.  Last week we taught fifteen lessons, but this week was more like eight.  Plus Shouma has high school entrance exams or something, so he couldn’t meet all this week because he was studying.
So no baptism this week, but his tests are done next week, so soon…

Other than that, we had junkai again this week. It was the same elders from last week, elder Lords and elder Malone, and this time it was me, elder Jackson, and elder Lords working together.
Way fun, and as a highlight we tracked down a less active member who works at a donut shop!  Naturally we got donuts.

And that’s about it!  We haven’t gotten transfer calls yet, but I expect I’m staying.
Hope everyone has a great week!
Love you all!

Elder Houseknecht



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