Week 37 – Benches, Beaches, and Lesson

Hey everyone!

Things are going great in the paradise of Sendai!
The weather’s been really nice, and it feels like spring! Except that it’s cold and way
windy today…
At least it’s not raining like last p-day! (I seem to be noticing a weather pattern…)

Well, I have photos this week, so I’ll tell the story that way…

This is me.  On a bike. With a decline bench strapped to my back.
Last p-day we went to a recycle shop* (that’s what they call them here) and found a decline bench for about ten dollars. Naturally we bought it. And then had no idea how to get it back to the apartment…
It worked, but I probably won’t try it again anytime soon!

*A Recycle shop is basically a Thrift store

Other than that, the only danger this week has been exhaustion.

Things have been picking up, and we had at least one new lesson every day for a week!
On Tuesday the Taniyama elders came over for junkai [companion exchanges] and we taught eight lessons that day. It’s been crazy busy!

On Friday we went to the beach. But only on the way to a lesson.
Shouma, the fourteen-year-old boy with a baptismal date, lives about four hours away by bike, so we asked a member to drive us up so we could quarter the time!
Members being members, we had a photo shoot on the way…

The lesson was way good, and we set up a new baptismal date for next Sunday! We’ll be teaching him every day over Skype to make it happen…

Everything is going really great, and time is just flying by with how busy we are! We’re definitely feeling a lot of prayers and heavenly help!
Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!

Elder Houseknecht


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I'm the oldest sister of Stephen Houseknecht! I love words and writing, music, sewing, and spending time with my awesome family. Whether we're idly chatting, doing creative projects together, or working, life with them is always a party!! I'm super excited for Stephen as he serves his mission~ XD


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