Week 36 – Conferences and three-man miracles

This week was fantastic! It’s been way busy with the three of us
handling two companionships worth of teaching, but we’ve seen a lot of
miracles from it.

This week we had a big taikai [conference] with Elder Yamashita of the
area presidency. He gave a lot of way good training, so it was worth
the nine or so hours of travel to Kumamoto! (this time we actually
meant to go there…)

After that, we had a lot of weekly planning to do, mostly because
we’re trying to baptize a boy named Shouma, who lives way far away.
Right now, we’re trying to set things up so we can teach him via Skype…
It should all work out; it just takes a lot of planning!

So, while we haven’t been planning, we’ve been working as hard as
possible, and things are starting to move! We found a new investigator
named Kumamoto (but not from there), and he came to church yesterday!
He’s a high school English teacher, and he’s way cool!
We also tracked down a young dad we had met earlier, who we thought
had dropped us. Turns out we had just gone back to the wrong house…

That’s been about it, but this coming week we’ll be waaaaay busy.
We have junkai [companion exchanges] here tomorrow, so we’ll be teaching
six lessons in a single day!

Anyway, things are just crazy busy, but it’s way great! I can just
feel things starting to move and feel the work of the Lord hastening.
It’s way cool to be here in the middle of it!

Hope everyone has a great week!!
Love you all,
Elder Houseknecht




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