Week 32

We haven’t gotten transfer calls yet, so I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t think I’ll be leaving though!

Anyway, this week was interesting! There was a worldwide broadcast from the missionary department, and after that we spent a lot of time planning/following up on the broadcast. The four of us in the apartment got together and discussed a bunch of things, like how to be more effective, work with members, and basically do anything that isn’t knocking on doors.

We also had a coordination meeting with the branch president and our branch mission leader, talking about…much the same stuff.  So lots of talking.

So of course after this we wanted to go out and get to work, and then this happened:

Just a reminder, we are in Sendai in Kagoshima prefecture. I’m told we’re the same latitude as San Diego California, and it hasn’t snowed here in four years!
Of course we’re missionaries, so we went out anyway, and just sang Frozen in Japanese. “The cold doesn’t bother me anyway~”

Anyway, that’s been about it.
Oh, we did see some miracles at the end! We have some new investigators, a young couple with a five year old! They seem really receptive, so I’m hoping I don’t transfer.
I wouldn’t want to miss out on teaching them.

I hope everyone has a great week! It’s probably not snowing in Texas, but stay warm!

Love and prayers,
Elder Houseknecht



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