Week 30

So it’s only been three days, but here’s a weekly email…I guess?

Right, so Christmas and new year were both pdays, but it’s finally back to normal!  I admit that new year was a little rough, since it’s a national holiday so nothing was open. But it was nice to rest up a bit.

Since then, not too much has happened… We’ve knocked on some doors, but not a lot of people even answered (at least no one slammed the door in our faces! They just didn’t open up.)

One cool thing:
we had a meal appointment with the branch president’s family, and they cooked so much food that we couldn’t eat it all. Each course was about like this:

And they just kept bringing out plate after plate of delicious food.  And then ice cream, which was amazing.

A spiritual thought
In Sunday school they were studying the teaching of president Hunter, and there was the quote that said that if we’re centered in the gospel, nothing will go permanently wrong.
It’s really true!

I’ve also been noticing more and more how much of a purpose there is in even the small things, like who my companions are. Each person we meet gives us an opportunity to learn something new, and it’s like once you learn the lesson, they’re gone…
Sorry, that was probably a little depressing.

It’s been a pretty good three days. Hope everyone has a great week!
Good luck and God bless!

Love and prayers,
-Elder Houseknecht



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