Week 25

I’m really tired.
This week we weren’t able to meet with our main investigator. She wasn’t able to come to church because she had work…

Tanaka family
But we did meet with a part member family named Tanaka. We have a meal appointment with them every week, on Thursday, so we had thanksgiving dinner with them. It wasn’t very thanksgiving-y, but it was really good.
At the end for our lesson we talked about gratitude, and went around the room saying a few things we’re grateful for. It was really great because Tanaka kyoudai [Brother Tanaka](the one who isn’t a member) said he’s grateful that his wife cooks good food all the time, and that it’s small stuff like that that matters, and Tanaka shimai was really touched! It’s also the most that Tanaka kyoudai has involved himself in a lesson, so that was way good too.

hunting down less active members
Other than that we’ve been power washing the church, hunting down less active members and knocking on doors all day.

Also a lot of this.
It’s gotten cold so we do everything in this one room now. With the heaters on full blast. (Note, we don’t sleep during proselyting time. Just meal times and p-day)

Keep praying and stay grateful!

Peace on earth and good will to men,
Elder Houseknecht



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