Week 24

Well, it’s been a good week.
We’ve finally finished all our mapping (at least round one…)


And we’ve started actually going out to contact all the less active members that we’ve
marked on the map. (That’s all the pink labels)

Other than that, we’ve had meetings, knocked on some doors, had English class… Not a
whole lot of new stuff has been going on, but it’s been good. And tiring.
The tiring part had just been riding on so many trains… We finally sorted things out so it
doesn’t take as much time or money to get to district meeting every week (we’ve almost
halved both!) but it’s still exhausting to ride so many trains!
But we do get to see cool scenery. Like the Japanese Golden Gate Bridge:image3
Anyway, we weren’t able to meet with our main investigator this week, but we will next week.  Please pray for us! We’re working to get her baptized by Christmas…

Thank you for your support!  I love you all!
– Elder Houseknecht

About Faith:
I’d like to share some of what I’ve been studying.  Brower chourou [Elder] and I have been talking a lot about faith recently. I guess we’re always thinking about faith, and how we can be more effective, and why we don’t see baptisms… We’ve both studied a lot about faith lately, and some of our trainings that we’ve had have been on faith, and I’ve felt that I’m coming to understand it better not just as an idea, but how it applies in my dendou [missionary work] life.

In James it says that faith without works is dead, and I think that Latter-day Saints understand that really well, but what I think we have a harder time remembering is that works without belief isn’t faith either. I’ve seen missionaries (and I’m guilty myself) set high goals because ‘zero isn’t a good goal’ or ‘we have to have faith’, but without believing that they can actually achieve that goal. They fail to meet the goal every time.
We have to actually believe, not just a casual ‘it’s what we’re told to do’, but actually believe from our heart that we will receive.



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