Week 23

Well, it’s been another really good week!
Elder Brower and I have been working really hard…(Elder Brower is Elder Houseknecht’s new companion.)
We’ve been working way hard to organize our records and get to the point where we can actually help bring some less active members back to church, while also still having time to knock on a few doors.  We also cleaned our apartment.

This week was ZTM (Zone Training Meeting)
and we had to go all the way to Fukuoka to do that. It took us two and a half hours and about ¥5600 ($45.60 for everyone in America) to get there and back.  Luckily ZTM only happens once a transfer (one transfer=six weeks), so we just have district meeting every week until the middle of December. Which is actually going to cost us more. Around ¥6400($52.11) each week!  That is ridiculous, but at least we can sleep on the train…

As for actual missionary work,
things are going great!  We’re meeting pretty regularly with a couple of investigators, and we actually have a lesson tonight, so hopefully that goes well.

And…that’s about it.
-Elder Houseknecht



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