Week 22

This area has definitely become the most expensive in the mission. We have to spend¥5600 ($45.60)  to get to ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) this week, and then ¥6300 ($51.30) every week after that to get to district meeting!  We can get it reimbursed, but it’s crazy having to juggle when I’m going to make withdrawals and how much I’m going to withdraw and all of that. (I’ve been trying to budget since it says to in the *white handbook.)

*The white handbook is a pocket sized manual of rules and standards that missionaries are expected to live up to while they are on their mission.

Things are picking up this week, even though it was super crazy with transfers.  We’ve been cleaning and organizing records (we’re at that point where  it’s messier than when we started…).

we were making  some phone calls to less active members. There are definitely a lot of them here.  Anyway I called one brother, and we had a nice conversation. He even said he’d try to come to church. Of course I have to admit that I didn’t really think much of it, but on Sunday he walked in just at the end of Sacrament meeting and stayed the rest of church! Everyone was super excited, and he even said he’d try to come next week.

Sunday night,
we got a phone call from the coolest
shimai [sister] in the branch. She told us that one of our investigators (whom we haven’t been able to contact in nearly a month) just randomly visited her.  Apparently she was just really busy, but she said she’d try to come to the branch Christmas party.

And that’s about it. It’s still slow, but things seem to be picking up!

Have a great week!
-Elder Housekencht



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