Week 21: Freezing rain and transfers

Here’s the news–I’m staying in Nakatsu!  Elder Aoki is going to a place called Nobeoka to be district leader, which is way exciting!
It’s kind of sad that he’s going so soon though, since we’ve only been companions for one transfer…

Anyway, it’s been another quiet week in Nakatsu, except that a lot of stuff actually happened. It just seems quiet because it’s out in the middle of the inaka [countryside].

The weather’s been nice for the most part. It’s been pretty chilly in the morning and evening, but it gets pretty warm around 1pm or so.
Except on Sunday. On Sunday it was overcast and cold all day, and then it decided to rain just as we went out to do dendou [missionary work] after dinner.
This was also the day I ran out of long sleeve shirts.
The only dry spots are where the strap of my bag was…IMG_0991

We also had Junkai [companion exchanges] with the Zone leaders who came because Elder Moe, who served in Nakatsu, is going home this transfer. So of course we had meal appointments with members and had a lot of fun. We did manage to squeeze in some dendou

There’s a lot of crazy changes going on in the mission. Our zone (Fukuoka 2) is being combined with Fukuoka 1, and the rest of our district is being moved to the Yamaguchi zone. I have no idea what’s happening to Nakatsu, or who will be in our district, or who the district leader will be, but it sound like this transfer was pretty taihen [tough] for Egan kaichou [Mission President] /the assistants. I guess there weren’t enough potential zone leaders.

I love you all!!!!! Have a great week and God bless you!
– Elder Houseknecht



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