Week 18

This has been a great week!
Admittedly, my reasons for saying that are completely selfish, as none of our investigators are getting baptised and we haven’t found any new investigators, but we’ve had mensetsus [interviews] and General Conference. It’s been a great spiritual feast!

Tuesday was mensetsus. (Please excuse the missionary Japanglish)
We left early in the morning to catch a two hour train ride to honbu on what was basically a local, slower Shinkansen [bullet train] (admittedly much slower) called a Tokkyuu sonic.
Two hours is a long time to be in a train! 😑  But it was worth it.

We all got a training from the Assistants while we waited for our interviews, and we were encouraged to work better with members and to teach more simply. We were given new pamphlets (on the iPad) specifically for teaching Japanese people who we are, who God is, and who Jesus is.

The interview itself was also a learning opportunity.
Egan kaichou [Mission President Egan]  had us teach him about the first great commandment, and the second, then asked ‘who is your neighbor?’
😮 ‘is it my companion, kaichou? ‘  Yes elder, you need to love and serve your douryou [companion] or you will never be successful.

General Conference…
It was great!  I love general conference!! I had to listen on my iPad (with little earphones) off the church website so I could be in the same room as my companion.  The messages were really great!  It’s interesting how being a missionary gives you a different perspective on conference. I’ll have to review this and the next three conferences after my mission to get a ‘regular’ perspective!  I was especially impressed by the idea of ‘ponderizing’ and it’s definitely something I want to try.  Also the question ‘what lack I yet?’ is something I should ask more in prayers.

Well anyway, that’s really about it, because we don’t have any progressing investigators…
But we’ll work really hard this coming week so I can have some cool miracles to share next p – day.

I love you all!!!
Have a great and blessed week!
-Elder Houseknecht



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