Week 17

I’m starting to get settled in!  My second luggage finally came in the mail, though I still haven’t unpacked it. The apartment here is pretty roomy. It used to be a four-man apartment, so there are extra desks and stuff (including a much larger fridge than we had in Kadena)

Not a lot is actually going on. We don’t really have any investigators, so it’s just been hour after hour of knocking on doors!
We have a pretty steady schedule:
Monday is pday*, Tuesday is district meeting (though not this past or coming week),
Wednesday is Eikaiwa [English conversation class], Thursday is dinner with the Tanaka couple, Friday and Saturday are straight dendou [missionary work], and Sunday of course is church.

*pday: Preparation day: when missionaries prepare for the upcoming week by doing things like cleaning the apartment, going grocery shopping, emailing their friends and families, and, if there’s extra time, enjoying wholesome recreational activities.

This week though, instead of district meeting we had Zone* Training Meeting!  It was all the way in a place called Yahata, which is over an hour away by train (and also ¥1290** away, then the same back). The training was really good, and we went out for Zone lunch afterward, so it was a fun opportunity to get to know everyone.

*Zone: a group of missionaries, consisting of missionaries from several districts

** ‎¥1290: one thousand two hundred and ninety yen; the rough equivalent of $12.90.

This coming week is mensetsu-s [interviews] with kaichou [President]! And of course I’ll talk about that next week.
For now, I think that’s about it (and I’m about out of time. I’m still way slow on the iPad…)

Here are this week’s pictures:


Me and my companion. He’s doing hokoku-s [reports] on Monday morning.


My new zone. Two of the elders were in my MTC branch.


Incidentally, the General Authorities* are on Twitter. I saw this while on LDS.org**.

*General Authorities: leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

**LDS.org: the official website for the Church. 

Love you all!!!
-elder Houseknecht

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