Week 16-My first transfer

We got transfer calls
after email time last week, so here are the results:
I transferred to Nakatsu in Oita-ken*!  It’s way inaka [rural] out here.  My new companion is Aoki chourou [Elder] (yay, a nihonjin [Japanese person]!), and no one here really speaks English, so I hope I’ll be fluent by the end of the transfer.  Garrard chourou is staying. He got a new bean!

* Nakatsu in Oita-ken: located in the northern part of Kyushu island.

A couple random cool things here:
the apartment is right on top of the church, so we have wifi and can download videos, talks and things without having to bike half an hour!  But there are no computers here at the church, so we have to email with our iPads.  Maybe I’ll get more efficient as time goes on, but I’m still way slow on my iPad!

China kyoudai
Well, not a lot happened this week. Wednesday we tried to visit China kyoudai [brother], but he didn’t show up to the appointment (I think he forgot, or maybe wasn’t feeling well), so I’ll email Garrard chourou and see if he came to church.

I got to Nakatsu.
I packed all of Tuesday night and most of Wednesday (other than our appointment and some dendou), then got picked up by the Drake couple very early Thursday morning.
After an hour and a half plane ride and then a two hour and a half train ride, I got to Nakatsu.

It’s been pretty quiet here.
We’ve done a lot of dendou [missionary work] (walking, until my bike came yesterday), and we’ve gotten some return appointments, and I’ve gotten to know some of the members.  There are about ten active members in the branch, so it’s pretty easy
to get to know all of them!

Well, that’s about it I think.
I love you all!!!!   Have a blessed week!

-Elder Houseknecht

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