Week 14 – Transfers are approaching

Transfers are coming up!
Next Pday [Preparation day] will be on a Tuesday, so my email will be a little late…

This week we had Junkai [splits]*!
So on Thursday after Eikaiwa [English Conversation class] we went over to the other elders’ apartment to stay the night.
On Friday, we changed companions and I went out to dendou [do missionary work] with Bunker chourou!
It was super fun. I got to see his dendou [mission] style, and we got a lot of return appointments! It was probably my first junkai [splits] with any real numerical success (not that the others have been failures, just that they weren’t numerically successful) so it was good to see what people mean when they talk about ‘junkai miracles’.

*Missionaries sometimes go on splits with other companionships in their area where they will exchange companions for a day and go proselyte.

Normally junkai goes like this
–we arrive at the elders’ apartment at nine the day before, then plan with our junkai [splits] companions.
The day of junkai, we come home at nine, total up our numbers, then do ‘junkai review’.
We tell each other about our day, share miracles, and give each other suggestions of ways to improve. Then we plan the next day with our regular companions, stay the night again, then leave the next morning.

BUT the next day, instead of leaving, we went to a marching band meet to support the daughter of an investigator of the other elders.
It. Was. Amazing. Marching band in Japan also involves cool acrobatics, awesome dancing, and intense costumes.
That took all day, and then we had dinner with the Drake couple (the senior missionaries). So we just stayed over again, and went home after church.
All told, we spent three nights away from our apartment.
It was crazy!

On Wednesday (sorry this is out of sequence)
we visited China kyoudai [Brother China] and had a lesson. The exciting thing was on Sunday–China kyoudai says he wants to be baptized by his birthday on April 1! (Yep, his birthday is April Fool’s day…) I know it’s kind of far, but he said that that’s just the limit, and if he feels ready he’ll be baptized before that.
BUT for that to happen he needs his family’s support.
Please pray that their hearts will be softened! They’re a little opposed to any sort of religion, but we’re going to try to win their hearts with cookies. So please pray for them!!

Well, that’s about it.
Thank you for your prayers!
-Elder Houseknecht

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