Week 11 – Finding new investigators

All of our investigators are in limbo right now…
Sachiko san is in Nago, taking care of a cousin who just got released from the hospital. She’s super busy, so she said she wouldn’t be going to church or any activities there…Crying face
We’ll definitely pick her back up when she gets back, but she’ll be gone for at least the month, maybe longer.

China san is still here.
BUT we might not be able to teach him for a while.
He has a lot of stress and a really tough family situation that he needs to get sorted out before he can really progress. I think as much the gospel has been helping him (he himself has pointed out many times the peace it brings) it’s also a huge commitment and a little stressful for him. Crying face
so we’re just going to visit from time to time to check up on him.

So we have no progressing investigators. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat And we can’t really pick up any of our potential investigators until they come to church.

So we’re going to do a lot of finding! Person raising both hands in celebration
It’s kind of funny–I got here and was almost immediately given two investigators. One was already investigating, the other was a referral. So I don’t have any experience finding my own investigators! I don’t really know what to do!! Dizzy face
But I guess all there is to do is work and trust in the Lord!

This week was Zone Training Meeting!
The whole Ginowan zone was gathered to have training from Wheeler chourou [Elder] and Urata chourou.
I got to translate for our three Japanese missionaries.
So I discovered exactly what to focus on in Language study!
I really need to pick up more advanced phrase patterns, so I’m going to be studying from soutaikai! [General Conference] Person raising both hands in celebration

A member of the seventy is coming on a mission tour soon!
He’s from Korea. He’ll be here sometime next month, and I’m tanoshimi ni shiteru-ing [Looking forward to] the training he’ll give!

I love you all!!!
-Elder Houseknecht

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