Week 10

There are a lot of F-15s flying around here,
so sometimes if Garrard chourou [elder] and I are lucky we can see them taking off.
There was even a day when one passed less than 30 ft directly over my head to do a touch and go!
Aaaannd….sometimes I get distracted watching them and run into posts.*
Yep, I’ve crashed twice, but I managed to step off my bike as I was crashing both times, so I just scraped my elbows.
ElbowsIt’s not too bad Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Update on investigators:
Sachiko San needs prayers so she can have courage to be baptized.

China San is doing pretty well. He’s reading and praying, and we’re getting ready to re invite him to a baptismal date.
There’s a cool thing we’re going to do called a baptism calendar, where we actually schedule out on a calendar what we have left to teach so they can have an easier time committing to a date.

Do you know what time we leave the apartment each day?
Here’s a typical day from last transfer.
Planner**Planner reads:
8:00 Personal study
9:00 Companion study
10:00 Language study
11:00 Lunch
12:00 Training
1:00 Mock lessons
1:30 Update Area Book
2:30 Adrian & Cindy
3:45 To Church (or Housing)
4:00 Lesson with Sachiko
5:00 Dinner
5:30 to Mizugama
6:00 Housing
7:45 to Michael & Roni
8:00 Michael & Roni
9:30 Daily planning

I leave the apartment at 2:30
We have studies, lunch, training, mogi [mock lessons*], then updating the Area Book Planner app (we have to load in all our old records..’ )

*Missionaries practice teaching with one Missionary acting as the teacher, and one as the investigator.

Here’s the fun part of the Area Book Planner app:
This is the legal hullabaloo that we have to navigate when we transfer records…
I’m not a fan of politics…
Oh well.
Area book

The Atonement:
I used to hate the new app (at least I hated transferring records, and the whole data privacy thing) but I’ve decided that I’m going to like it. So I’ll just ganbaru!! [Work hard and persevere!!!]

That’s something I’ve really been working on. It started with small things, like volleyball, and it’s moved to bigger things like the app.

I’ve realized that in order to receive the blessings of the Atonement, we need to change our attitudes, even in small ways like deciding to like something, or deciding not to be scared to try something.

I love you all!!!
Have a great week!

-Elder Houseknecht




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