Some Photos

Had another typhoon day
on Saturday. We had to stay inside, but it wasn’t that hidoi [awful]. The weather was really pretty before the taifuu [typhoon], though

"The calm before the storm..." Panorama of the area outside Elder Houseknecht's apartment, before a typhoon

“The calm before the storm…”
Panorama of the area outside Elder Houseknecht’s apartment, before a typhoon

They say the prettier it is, the more hidoi it’ll be, but it wasn’t bad at all…

Shurijo [Shuri Castle]

Throne of the Ryuukyuu Kings

Shurijo was apparently the palace of the old Ryuku [the name of the island chain on the south of Japan that includes Okinawa] Kings.
Along with their ridiculous thrones Face Without Mouth
I kind of want one…




Shuri Jo courtyard

Shuri Jo courtyard

Someone took a lot of panoramas and air dropped (sent them over Bluetooth) to me. I have about twenty others…

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