Week 8 – Miracles  

Houston, Elder Houseknecht, do you read?

I’ve been focusing on looking for miracles this week, and yappari [as expected] I’ve been seeing them everywhere.

Dendou [mission] update:
We’ve been teaching China kyoudai [brother China] the life of Christ, and this week we taught him about miracles, and how they relate allegorically to the Atonement.
We especially focused on Christ calming the tempest, and used hymn 103 (Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer) to illustrate our point.
It was a great lesson, and at the end we once again emphasized the importance of prayer.

China kyoudai hasn’t been praying in lessons (though he says he’s prayed alone), so we decided to go to the absolute basics.
We went around the room, each naming one thing we’re grateful for, and then Garrard chourou [Elder Garrard] demonstrated how to turn those things into a simple prayer (‘Dear Heavenly Father, we’re thankful for our families. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen’)
When we reached China kyoudai he said he’s grateful he met us.
So we committed him to put that feeling in a prayer, and he prayed!!!
China kyoudai finally prayed!!
Person raising both hands in celebrationPerson raising both hands in celebrationPerson raising both hands in celebration
Okay, I’m calm now.

Sachiko san is also doing well
We taught her this Saturday (it’s been about three weeks) and we had a really good lesson.
We reviewed Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and we told her we’d teach her how to study the scriptures next time.
She really likes studying, so she asked us to give her a triple combination (so she can read along in Sacrament meeting).
Oh, and this is good–she told us she wants to share the gospel with her children! She even said she’d try to bring her daughter to church with her soon.
So…she doesn’t think she’s ready to be baptized, but she is full of dendou [mission] fire.
I don’t get it, but it’s still good! Person raising both hands in celebration

I love you all!!!
Be happy, be awesome, be you!
-Elder Houseknecht

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