Week 7 – more not proselyting stuff

Hey everyone!!!
How are you all?

China kyoudai [brother]
and Sachiko san are both progressing…albeit a little more slowly than before. They’ve kind of plateaued at a point where they just want to study more before being baptized.

I think China kyoudai wants to finish the Bible and the Book of Mormon before he decides on a date (though he’s definitely willing to be baptized. He’s said many times that he’s grown to like Christianity more than Buddhism. He says that Christians are nicer), and he’s well on his way–he’s in Isaiah and Mosiah, respectively. (it’s only been three weeks Face Without Mouth)

Sachiko san

is already more active than half the ward members! She comes to eikaiwa* [English conversation class], katei no yube** [Family Home Evening], and church, and she’s really supportive of the missionaries.
We’re going to try to meet with her more often from now on (before, it was just on Sundays), but it all depends on whether we can get someone to joint for us (the rule of three and all that***).
Mostly, we need to help her develop good study habits and to start praying.
I think they both just need spiritual experiences. Their hearts are in the right places, they
just need to get an answer. Please pray for them!!! Person with folded hands

*The missionaries teach a weekly English conversation class as a way to fellowship the local residents

**Family Home Evenings are usually held on Mondays, when a family or a small group gets together and has a spiritual thought or mini lesson, plays games, sings songs, and has refreshments

***When teaching an investigator of the opposite gender, missionaries must have one extra member of the missionaries’ gender attending the lesson

As for non proselyting stuff–
We had another taifuu [typhoon] day!!!!! Person raising both hands in celebrationUmbrella with rain drops
Taifuu days are boooooorrrrriiiinnngg… We have to stay inside, and the weather wasn’t even that bad this time. (seriously. It was only a little windy. It didn’t even rain)

Some updates on ipad dendou [missionary work]*!
So, so far we’ve been using our ipads for study, and that’s it. We have the gospel library app, a cool dictionary app, and a bunch of other app options for language learning and teaching aids (like interactive pamphlets toka [and such]).
BUT this week they introduced the Area Book Planner** app!!! Person raising both hands in celebrationPerson raising both hands in celebration
It’s…exactly what it sounds like. A combined Area Book and planner.
BUT here’s the bad part–we have to transfer every record in our (super thick, disorganized) Area Book one at a time.
Which is what we did all day on taifuu day (Sat)

*Recently the missionaries were given ipads from the Church to help them be more effective in their missionary work

**The Area Book is where the missionaries keep their records of the people they’ve contacted or taught as they’ve served in the area

On to better things–
A week ago we did Junkai [splits]!!! Person raising both hands in celebration
Junkai are companion exchanges for training. We split with the district leader (and his companion) and they both join you in your area.
Junkai are apparently really good at bringing miracles, so we do junkai review at the end, where you say one thing you learned, one miracle, one thing you want to work on, and one thing for your (temporary) companion to work on. <hope that made sense
So last week I teamed up with Malen chourou [Elder] to bring some miracles to…his area. They had some appointments scheduled on junkai, so I was to going to go with Malen chourou to do those ( they all fell through though Crying face)

Before I forget–
there are some additional music rules for this mission–I can only listen to music if it’s officially church authorized (Mormon Tabernacle Choir, BYU men’s chorus) or if it’s Sacrament meeting appropriate.

Anyway, I think that’s it for this week!
I probably won’t have time to answer personal emails this week, but I’ll be sure to next week!
I love you guys so much!!!!!
Thank you for all your support and prayers!!!

-Elder Houseknecht



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