Week 6 – Pday and Such

So, not much has changed this week, so I thought I’d just talk about non-dendou stuff.

First a quick update–
We’re still meeting with China kyoudai [Brother] (our 70+ year-old new investigator). We’ve actually been meeting with him about three times a week.
We meet at Zakimi joushi*[joushi means Castle] (which is a world heritage site, apparently), in the woods near the castle wall. It’s really hilly there, so it’s tough going, but easy coming back.

We’ll be meeting again on Tuesday, and we’re planning to commit him to a baptismal date, so please pray for him!

Sachiko san
has been coming to church, and we meet her every week, but we’re hoping to start meeting with her more often to help her progress faster.
She’s not super comfortable with reading the Bible or Book of Mormon (because it’s complicated) so we suggested she start from the beginning, but we want to follow-up with her more to help her along the way.

we do studies like normal (Personal study*, companion study, language study, lunch, then training–I have training for the first twelve weeks) then we go do kaimono! [Shopping!]

*Personal and companion study consist of reading the Scriptures and Preach My Gospel (which is a manual for Missionaries) as well as other Church text.

By the way,
this week we bought Fuji apples from Aomori!!! Even the smell is natsukashii…[nostalgic]*

*Aomori Japan is the prefecture where Elder Houseknecht lived in 2012-2014.
Apples are Aomori prefecture’s growing specialty and Aomori is nationally recognized as having the best apples in Japan.

Anyway, then we clean, then head to the church to do emails (for 75 minutes).
By the way, please let everyone know that they can email me! I won’t be able to answer every week, but it’s nice to get emails…

Well, this week we’re going to Shuri jo [Shuri Castle], and we’re literally leaving now, so…

Anyway, I love you guys!!!
Have a great week!
-Elder Houseknecht

Elder Houseknecht’s email address: Stephen.houseknecht@myldsmail.net

P.S. Extra Email Time
Well, not really extra–I got cut off because of our trip to Shuri jo [Shuri Castle],
but we’re back early. I only have ten minutes though, so I’ll just
send a bunch of pics from my iPad

This is elder Garrard:
image1Here’s my zone, the Ginowan zone:
image2Most of my district, minus Garrard chourou [Elder] and the zone leaders
From left to right-Salmon shimai [Sister] (from Canada), Peterson shimai, Malen chourou (district leader. Goes home soon), Me, and Mismash chourou (likes baking):
image3My zone leaders…
Left-Wheeler chourou [Elder] (from Tasmania Australia), and The Richards chourou (going home soon):
image4I love you all!!!
-Elder Houseknecht

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